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[Infographic] What You Need to Know Now About The Cloud and Business Mobility

The days of pining for a corner office are dwindling at a rapid pace all thanks to advances in cloud communications.

man on phone in home office

Sure – it’s nice to have an office that inspires you to do your best work, but that doesn’t mean it has to have walls. As long as you have a way to communicate and be productive, you can work anywhere there’s an internet connection.

I work remotely from my home in Arkansas. I have a glamorous corner office with a window…in my kitchen. My desk is sandwiched between our washer and dryer closet and our dog’s food bowl.

Though it’s not luxurious, I get a ton of my work done and connect with coworkers using my laptop or even my phone. But I don’t only work from my home office; I’ve worked in the car, from a campsite, from a swimming pool, in many airplanes and at a lake house. If I have the ability to work from anywhere, why would I ever long for the fancy corner office in a high-rise building?

The Remote Workforce

Tresta isn’t the only company with remote employees; businesses are opening up more positions to remote workers by offering telecommuting programs. Some organizations are completely remote.

According to FlexJobs, telecommuting in the U.S. has grown 103 percent over the last decade. The company predicts 50 percent of people will work remotely by 2020.
Why are so many businesses going remote these days?
FlexJobs also stated that telecommuting programs save businesses about $2,000 per year per person and reduce turnover by 50 percent. In addition, remote workers tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and get more done.

The Cloud Makes It Easier to Do Business Everywhere

Of course, none of this is possible without the major advances that have been made in the cloud.

Cloud-based collaboration tools (Box, Trello, Slack) and cloud-based communications (cloud phone systems, video conferencing) make it easy to work on the go.

Another component of a successful business is ensuring it is optimized for mobile communication with its customers or clients. This includes things like:

  • An optimized site with an air-tight mobile experience;
  • Providing customers the ability to reach you with click-to-call from the search results;
  • Easy ways to share information with your customers in real-time;
  • Offering live chat support around the clock.

Creating a remote, mobile business goes beyond taking your calls in a coffee shop or sending a fax from your phone. It’s essential that the customer experience is aligned, both online and off.

The Mobile Business

The following infographic from IBM outlines how important mobility is to future of business. Whether it’s retaining more customers or doing more business from anywhere on the glob, business mobility is essential to growth.

Business on the move creative mobile infographics

What is your business doing to be more mobile? Tell us all about it in the comments – we love hearing from you.