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Why a Cloud-Based Phone Is Exactly What Small Businesses Need Now

You’ve seen them before: clunky, antiquated phone systems that are inconvenient and take specially trained IT professionals to update. Want to add a number? Call IT. Need to add voicemail for a new employee? Call IT. An extension? Ring up IT.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t have a need for traditional phone systems. In fact, many choose to forgo a commercial office space altogether; more than half of all small businesses are home-based, and 22 out of the 28 million small businesses in the US are self-employed with no other employees.

These two factors virtually eliminate the need for a more traditional setup. All of that hardware. All of the chords. All of the buttons. Multi-line capabilities and voicemail that have to be set up by a professional trained to do so. No portability. It’s too much.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need phone systems that move with them and don’t tie them to one location. They need ease. Your business phone should never stress you out or take up that precious time you already don’t have.

A cloud-based phone system allows you the freedom to work from anywhere and never miss a single call or voicemail. Features you will want to look for when shopping for a cloud-based system include:

  • Online Management

    Add numbers, extensions and voicemail easily without the assistance of an IT pro.

  • Auto-Attendant

    Offer a menu of options so callers end up in the right place the first time.

  • Call Forwarding

    Send calls directly to a certain employees, departments, or offices.

  • Call Recording

    The ability to record calls will ensure you never miss a single detail.

  • Simple and Transparent Billing

    Billing that can be viewed at anytime and is clear.

  • Phone Numbers

    A large database of local and toll-free numbers for you to choose from.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Customer service that is available anytime you have a question or problem.

Still not convinced that a cloud-based phone system will work for your business? Here are three reasons every entrepreneur needs a phone in the cloud now.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners are movers and shakers. It’s essential to their success that they are getting their name out by meeting with potential investors or partners or clients. A cloud-based phone system is much easier and more flexible than traditional phone systems, allowing you to direct calls right to your cell phone and check voicemail anywhere you happen to be.


As a business owner, you have so much more to worry about than how to add an additional phone number or voicemail to your system. The best part about a cloud-based phone is that all the management can be done online. There’s no hardware to deal with, and you don’t need an expert to help you out. That pesky phone manual that no one can ever manage to find? Gone. Login and easily update your account as needed.

Sound Professional and Savvy as you Grow Your Business

Maybe you’re trying to land much larger clients or maybe you work from your local coffee shop, but want to sound like you have a dedicated office space. With an auto-attendant, you can include a greeting and menu options that make your business sound as big as a larger corporation. And no one will ever be the wiser.

Tresta was made with the small business in mind; our features give you the freedom to work from wherever, but with the polish of a larger business. Learn more about how we’re making cloud-based calling work even better for entrepreneurs.