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7 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Virtual Phone System

You’re considering trading your old phone system for a virtual phone system. But where do you start? There is a slough of virtual phone options available to businesses with a range of prices and features. It’s enough to make your head explode. I’m here to simplify it for you.

Whether you have a certain provider in mind or you haven’t even started your search, check out this list of things you want to avoid when choosing a virtual phone system for your business.

Choosing a system without clearly understanding the technology. 

It’s not that you need to be an expert, but it’s important you have a basic understanding of how a virtual phone works versus a PBX and other standard business phone systems. This post goes more into detail about how a virtual phone system works and how to go about choosing one for your business. 

Not assessing what features will suit your business best.

One of the most important components of shopping for a business phone system (cloud-based or not) is knowing your needs. It is virtually impossible to choose an option without doing an assessment first. Make a quick list of the features that your business most needs before starting your research.

Assuming all virtual phone systems are created equal.

Not all virtual phone systems include the same offerings. Be diligent and learn which systems offer what features. Making any assumptions could hurt your business in one of two ways; you either purchase a system with way more features than you need or you buy a system that doesn’t have enough of what you need. Take screenshots of the features and packages pages for each brand to make comparison shopping so much easier.

Virtual phone systems like Tresta typically offer a free trial (Tresta’s free trial lasts 30 days) so you can test drive the system and try all of the features out for yourself. 

Forgetting to check compatibility.

Some virtual phone system providers won’t help you determine whether your current network will sustain their software. If they don’t offer to do a network evaluation, ask about it before signing up. Tresta’s mobile app is available for all Android and iOS devices so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility issues.

Failing to consider what happens if there’s downtime.

It’s never fun to think about the bad things, but disaster planning is quintessential to keeping a business running and their data safe, regardless. Even the most reputable companies need a backup plan due to natural disasters, equipment failures, and data breaches. To ensure low to no downtime for your lines, ask the provider what their disaster recovery plan entails and what you can expect if there is any downtime.

Choosing a virtual phone option based only on price.

The cheapest option can be a good one… if it matches your needs. It’s important not to shop for a virtual phone based on price alone. Comparing features is the key to shopping for the best solution for you.

Picking a virtual phone system despite hundreds of bad reviews and service complaints.

Some of the larger cloud phone providers have one terrible review after another. If the complaints aren’t about the system, the customers are harping on the terrible support (or lack thereof). While there’s comfort in choosing a more established brand, there are other options that offer high-touch support AND a great virtual phone system – both incredibly important when adopting new tech in the office.

Pro-tip: After you choose the providers you’re interested in, search for online reviews. Look at all their social media pages (Twitter and Facebook are great for this) and do a Google search for reviews on tech blogs and other sources. You might be surprised at what you find.

Finding the right virtual phone isn’t easy, but using these tips will help you organize your search and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Make sure to thoroughly research each provider and have a clear understanding of what type of system and features will work best for your business.