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man on phone in home office

Can a Virtual Phone System Make Your Home-Based Business More Competitive?

Running a business from home can feel like a disadvantage. Yet, it’s no secret the way small businesses operate is changing – remote work is more prevalent than ever. It’s feasible to sustain a business from home successfully just as you could from any office. The key to competing with larger businesses is recognizing your advantage: superior service. A […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
Sales team using virtual phone system

How to Nab More Leads and Empower Your Sales Team with a Virtual Phone System

A salesperson’s interaction with a potential client is often the only human contact a customer has with your business. Your sales team a key component in managing customer expectations and perceptions. Equipping your sales team with the means to communicate and adapt to a client’s needs is essential to their success. Virtual phone systems have redefined the way businesses communicate […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
business woman working from phone in airport

5 Surprising Things a Virtual Phone System Does for Businesses

The internet has certainly made life easier. But when it comes to doing business, phone calls still reign supreme. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report from March 2019, the largest portion (39%) of those surveyed worldwide still prefer phone or other voice channels above all other service channels. That’s almost double those that […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
Black and white boxing match

11 Kick Ass Ways to Save Your Small Business Money

Running a business is expensive. Between the employees, the supplies, rent and utilities, it’s no wonder so many businesses struggle to exist for five years. And then things break. In 2014, over half of all small business owners spent money replacing old equipment or maintaining current IT systems. Expensive things will break and all of […]

Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones
Man working in a coffee shop

5 Tools Every Virtual Office Needs to Succeed

I am at work, but my office for today doesn’t have the conventional four walls. I’m sitting at my local coffee shop, sipping on a foamy (and ultra strong) latte and writing this article. Between paragraphs, I give my eyes a break and check out the other folks; some are typing away furiously on their […]

Jackie GonzalezJackie Gonzalez
Man working with automated robot arm

Are Robots Gunning for our Jobs?

Robotics have become an intrinsic part of our lives. They vacuum our floors, operate as security and even act as assistant teachers. So, amazing things are happening in the robotics world. Yet, the threat of losing your job to one of these handy helpers is becoming very real. Research by the World Economic Forum found, by […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist