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business owner communicating remotely

The New Normal in Business Communication

We get it — almost nothing has felt “normal” since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, with states reopening and social distance guidelines relaxing, businesses are still being affected in a huge way. The reality is that this is our reality for the foreseeable future, and the businesses that are finding ways to […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
startup owner using a cloud phone system on the go

Why Startups need a Cloud Business Phone System

Does your startup have a business phone system that’s working for you? Plenty of startups don’t, believe it or not. They start out relying entirely on messenger and email communication, using the occasional Skype call or Google Hangouts as needed for face-to-face calls. Eventually, many move to an in-office system, grounding their business and their […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
Man working remotely from home

How to Manage a Newly Remote Team

Over the past two months, many businesses that previously had staff working full-time and in-house were forced to adjust to a new reality: Most (if not all) of their staff was suddenly working from home, potentially spread out across a wider geographic region.  It wasn’t just freelancers, consultants, and third-party vendors that you had to […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
woman working remotely from her kitchen

Quick Tips to Working Remotely During Coronavirus

The number of remote workers has been rapidly increasing over the past five years, and in early 2020, 3.4% of U.S. workers worked remotely, accounting for millions of individuals.  Today, the coronavirus crisis has increased the need for remote work in almost every business. As businesses across the world faced immediate and unprecedented in-office shutdowns […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
Millenials using smartphones

The Millennial Influence on Business Communication

Millennials are the generation that the media loves to hate. We’ve all seen the supposed thought pieces that say Millennials are lazy, entitled, and apparently a little too-obsessed with avocado toast. Plenty of research has shown that this isn’t the case. Instead, many Millennials are driven, especially as employees. They want to work for a […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
Business person working with laptop and smartphone

8 Affordable Tools You Need To Work Remotely

70% of professionals work remotely at least once/week and around 50% of small businesses are home-based. Businesses are moving further away from the full-time traditional office setting, increasing flexibility and making for a happier workforce. However, less water cooler talk and access to the supply closet stocked with 4 different colors of post it notes […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist