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Tips for 2020 Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now

We’re officially just a couple of weeks away from entering a new decade, leaving the 2010’s behind. In the last ten years, an almost unbelievable number of things have changed, and they’ve done so drastically, especially in the business and entrepreneur world.  The advancements in technology (which includes more accessible and reliable internet) have changed […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
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Can a Virtual Phone System Make Your Home-Based Business More Competitive?

Running a business from home can feel like a disadvantage. Yet, it’s no secret the way small businesses operate is changing – remote work is more prevalent than ever. It’s feasible to sustain a business from home successfully just as you could from any office. The key to competing with larger businesses is recognizing your advantage: superior service. A […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
Woman calling a business

4 Sure Fire Ways a Virtual Phone System Drives Loyal Customers

It seems like the most profitable businesses get flooded with new customers non-stop, while the reality is slightly different: their current customers are sticking around, generating consistent value.  Loyal customers are worth more to your business and are worth 10 times their first purchase. Existing customers are also 50 percent more likely to try your […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist
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11 Kick Ass Ways to Save Your Small Business Money

Running a business is expensive. Between the employees, the supplies, rent and utilities, it’s no wonder so many businesses struggle to exist for five years. And then things break. In 2014, over half of all small business owners spent money replacing old equipment or maintaining current IT systems. Expensive things will break and all of […]

Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones