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A Changing World in Customer Service and How to Keep Up

July 16, 2019

Customers have higher expectations than ever before. They expect customer service excellence at every turn; that’s the standard now, not a perk, and if a customer has anything less than what they consider a stellar experience, they’re likely to jump ship and hire one of your competitors instead.

 A whopping 33% of customers recently surveyed expressed that they’d end a business relationship with one brand after a single bad customer service experience, and with 80% of Americans believing that brands are stepping up more than ever before in this area, why wouldn’t they? 


Customer Communication: Knowing When to Call Instead of Hitting “Reply”

March 20, 2018

There’s no denying it: hitting “reply” on an email instead of picking up the phone  is more often than not the route you want to take, especially on, say, a Monday morning. It’s fast, it’s easy, and quite frankly, dealing with every single issue that came across your desk with a phone call would get annoying very quickly. There are a lot of situations, however, where the personalized and conversational nature of a phone call is the better way to get your point across. Identifying when and how to best communicate over the phone is the key to optimized communication.


Can a Virtual Phone System Make Your Home-Based Business More Competitive?

July 7, 2017

Home Office with laptop, smartphone, coffee and mouse virtual phone system home-based business

Running a business from home can feel like a disadvantage. Yet, it’s no secret the way small businesses operate is changing – remote work is more prevalent than ever.

It’s feasible to sustain a business from home successfully just as you could from any office. The key to competing with larger businesses is recognizing your advantage: superior service.

A survey conducted by American Express found that 81 percent of respondents thought smaller companies placed greater emphasis on service than bigger companies.

small business record store people shopping customer service statistic


Customers are  also willing to spend 13 percent more with a company they believe provides excellent service.

If your business provides superior, stress-free service to customers, it won’t matter if you’re based from home or from a trendy office space in the city.

A virtual phone system places your home-based business on a level playing field with larger competitors in two important ways. Here’s what you need to know.


5 Surprising Things a Virtual Phone System Does for Businesses

April 20, 2017

working remotely cloud phone cloud communications virtual phone system

The internet has certainly made life easier. But when it comes to doing business, phone calls still reign supreme. Did you know that 75 percent of customers think calling is the quickest way to get a response?

Today’s virtual phone systems make managing your business over the phone easier than ever. Modern systems handle much more than you might think! Here are five surprising things a virtual phone service will do for your business.


4 Sure Fire Ways a Virtual Phone System Drives Loyal Customers

March 27, 2017

woman on cell phone in a cafe virtual phone system for business

It seems like the most profitable businesses get flooded with new customers non-stop, while the reality is slightly different: their current customers are sticking around, generating consistent value. 

Loyal customers are worth more to your business and are worth 10 times their first purchase. Existing customers are also 50 percent more likely to try your new products, and spend 31 percent more than your new customers.

The problem: it can be tough for small businesses to provide quality service. Great service doesn’t come cheap.

A virtual phone system helps you create a customer service process that’s efficient without blowing your budget. Here’s how your cloud phone system will drive customer loyalty and help you build your business.


10 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Insanely Happy During the Holidays

December 8, 2016

10 ways to make your customers insanely happy during the holidays


The holidays are such a stressful time – we’re all feeling the strain.

Between the pull of work and obligations with friends and family, the last few months of the year get filled up fast. The to-do lists become a mile long and everyone starts mentioning how they could really use a clone.

Businesses feel the same strain and stresses during the holidays. Except, on top of their personal and work obligations, they also have to make their customers happy. Quite the undertaking.

The good news is that great customer service isn’t about grand gestures or giant budgets, but rather using the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated – as your guide.

Here’s a list of ten ways to make your customers so insanely happy that they’ll stick around in the new year.