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6 Unexpected Ways Call Recording Improves Your Business

Call recording is a powerful virtual phone feature that enables you to replay audio from both inbound and outbound calls, gaining you business insights you may have missed otherwise. 

While the standard message “This call may be recorded for quality assurance.” may be accurate, there are many ways to benefit from call recording. That’s why, according to Hubspot research, 69% of businesses record their calls. In this post, we show you the unexpected ways to use call recording to improve your business. 

1. Elevate Training for New Hires

When it comes to new hires, quality training can lead to an employee that exudes the company culture and values and becomes a long-term asset for your business. If a new hire has a clear understanding of what is expected of them and the tools and support to do so, they’ll likely perform better than one who is “thrown to the wolves” too early.

A quality training program should be an inclusive one – any employee that will ever touch the phone should know what to expect and how to handle any scenario. The best way to accomplish this is to supply new hires with call recording examples for every type of phone call – customer calls, potential customer calls, upset customer calls, outbound calls with vendors, etc. Listening to call recordings is one of the best ways for a new hire to learn about your business. 

2. Boost Sales Performance

Do you have employees conducting sales calls? Keep example call recordings handy for sales training. They can be great sales calls or examples where a rep may have missed an opportunity that everyone can learn from. (Of course, you’ll want to be sensitive to singling out employees in front of others.)

Another great way to use call recording for sales purposes is for self-improvement. Let your reps listen to themselves on a sales call. That’s one of the best ways for a sales rep to hear their tone or how it sounds when they try to close and make adjustments if necessary.

3. Learn More About Your Business

According to BrightLocal, 60% of people prefer to contact a small business by phone. With call recording enabled, that means more than half of your customer interactions are available for review. That’s great news!

Even small business owners have a lot to learn about their businesses. Listening to call recordings is one of the best ways to do just that. Listen for customer pain points or common complaints (or compliments!), opportunities to make operational improvements, or what your customers are asking for.

4. Better Serve Your Customers

We all know no one can serve your customers better than you, but you can’t be everywhere at once. Enable call recording on customer service calls so that you can regularly monitor call quality or see how long customers are on hold.

We never want to think about a situation where a customer gets angry, but it happens. Another way to use call recording for customer service is to pull call recordings for specific customer interactions that may have gone south. Call recording enables you to see where you went wrong and can hopefully help you rectify the situation.

5. Gather Accurate & Reliable Data

Have you ever gotten off the phone to realize you forgot an important detail? Call recording helps you recall all the information you need. No more having to pause the call to jot down a phone number or address.

It can also help clarify information on a sales or customer complaint call so it’s not lost in translation. Information coming from call recordings are accurate and reliable and not based on how someone interpreted the call. 

6. Protect Your Business & Employees

We don’t like to think about a customer getting angry and we definitely don’t like to think about getting into some type of dispute or legal situation. But if it does happen, call recording can give you the proof you need to protect your business or employees from claims that are untrue. 

As long as calls are legally recorded, they can be used in a legal dispute. With Tresta’s call recording, you’ll always be compliant with call recording laws. Read more about call recording laws here

Call recording does so much more than monitor call quality. With many of your business interactions happening over the phone, your business calls are a wealth of knowledge about your customers, your sales reps, and your customer service team. In addition, you get the added value of collecting accurate data and easily collaborating recordings with your team. 

With Tresta’s inbound and outbound call recording feature, your recordings are easily accessed on both the web and mobile apps with secure and unlimited storage. It’s super simple to enable within Settings and it’s included in every service. Enable call recording on your system today and start gaining all the benefits for your business.