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Business Phone Numbers: Is My Business Ready for a Cloud Phone System?

Of the 27.9 million small businesses in the United States, just over three-fourths of them have zero employees. That’s nearly 21 million people owning and operating a business on their own.

For someone running a business on their own, it makes perfect sense to use your mobile phone as your business phone. There’s no need to add devices or pay another provider for service if your smartphone already meets the needs for your business.

However, using your own device has drawbacks. Namely, the privacy issues associated with putting your personal phone number out there when advertising your business. Not to mention, using a personal number for your business may come off as unprofessional to potential clients.

For businesses comprised of small teams, a virtual phone system is the perfect solution. Here’s why:

  • Cloud phones are extremely affordable – perfect for the business with a tight budget;
  • They provide the freedom to work on your existing devices and require no additional hardware;
  • The included features make communication and collaboration within a team a breeze.

The question inevitably presents itself: Is my business too small for a virtual phone system? 

If you’re the only member of your business, the answer will essentially boil down to the image you want your business to carry. Though not strictly essential, a virtual phone system makes your business look more professional and includes tools that help you grow.

If either of those things sound like they could benefit your business, it isn’t too small.

Let’s Talk About Business Phone Numbers

The chief concern of anyone running a small business is the single most basic virtual phone system feature: business phone numbers.

Local or toll-free business phone number can be used on any and all of your existing devices. Most importantly, it serves to separate your business and personal calls, though they may take place on the same device. Local business phone numbers are perfect for the business with a strictly local presence, or one trying to establish a presence in a new location. Toll-free (800) business phone numbers give the appearance of a larger and more established company, perfect for a business operating in different locations. The bottom line is making your business look bigger than it actually is.

For businesses made up of a small team, virtual phone systems can be useful in many other ways.

Let’s Talk About Cloud Phone Features

Most systems feature auto-attendants that answer calls with a custom greeting. These attendants guide callers through menu options so callers reach exactly who they need (“1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service”).  

Additionally, virtual systems allow users to record calls and voicemails, and share them via email with other users. Particularly useful for teams that work remotely: a virtual phone system ensures every caller is treated to a professional phone experience and doesn’t have to wait to speak to an actual person.

The Bottom Line

Your business is never too small to look and sound more professional. Even if you run the business on your own, separating business and personal calls keeps you organized and the option of a toll-free or local number lets you control your image. For small teams, virtual phone systems optimize communication and collaboration.