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Top 5 Ways to Brand your Business Phone Experience

When your customers interact with you, you want every second of their experience to be memorable in the best way possible. It’s important to find ways to communicate your brand effectively so that it will be memorable, which can help customer retention rates in the long run.

Creating branded phone experiences is a good start. It’s a seemingly small detail that brands often overlook, but it can go a long way in leaving that lasting impression and creating a stronger, more recognizable brand.

There are a number of different ways to brand your business phone experience, so let’s take a look at the most effective ones you should start with right away. 

Set Up a Custom Greeting 

When customers call your business phone, what do they hear? 

If you’ve got a navigational menu that routes customers’ calls where they need to go, they might hear you launch immediately into menu or language options. This is the standard approach for more businesses, but they’re missing a valuable opportunity.

With virtual business phone systems like Tresta, you can set up custom, branded greetings that play before the navigation menu starts. This should always thank the customer for calling, share your brand name, and potentially use branded language or show off your personality. This is a time to let your brand voice shine!

Remember that almost every customer who calls your business will hear this. That makes it a valuable opportunity to establish your brand right from the beginning of the call and set yourself apart. 

Have Your Team Answer Calls With Branded Language 

First, your customers may go through an automated greeting.

Next, they’ll hopefully end up on the opposite end of the line from one of your account managers, customer service representatives, or whoever else they need to speak to.

Whether these are internal employees or you’re using an external, third-party answering service, you should make sure that every team member uses branded language while answering the call.

Again, you can thank users for calling and mention your brand name. You can include a tagline here, like “Thank you for calling Kay Jewelers, home of the Leo diamond.” Then have the associate introduce themselves and ask how they can help.

Using branded language throughout the call is useful, too. At Disney, for example, customers are called “guests,” which is why you have “guest services” instead of “customer service.” 

Incorporating small snippets of branded language into every call can go a long way.

Create Custom Sign-Offs For Your Team 

Just as you’d like your team to ideally answer the phone in a similar, branded tone, you can also ensure that they’re ending the calls the same way.

Many companies prefer to have their customer support teams have the flexibility to go with the flow when working with customers, offering a more personalized experience. Having a custom goodbye message doesn’t take away from that, but still reinforces anything that your business wants to prioritize.

You can ask callers, for example, “Is there anything else we can help you with for your Discover account today, or any other services you’d like to ask about? Alright, then have an outstanding day!” This may open the door for additional questions while solidifying the brand voice. 

Consider a Vanity Phone Number 

Is there any better way to create a truly branded business phone experience than to start the branding before they even reach your phone line?

Vanity phone numbers aren’t for everyone, but can they ever make an impression! They’re also memorable. Imagine being a florist whose number is 1-800-FLOWERS. That’s a number that’s easy to remember, and it screams “we’re all in on floral arrangements, so give us a call — we know you know the number.” 

Vanity phone numbers should be used for the general business line; you can add extensions for each individual employee within the office.

Tresta’s virtual business phone system offers vanity options for both toll-free and local phone numbers.

Save Canned Responses for Texting 

Have you ever thought of texting as a method of communication with external customers?

Increasing numbers of consumers have preferences that are shifting towards rapid and convenient text-based communication, aka live chat and texting.

If you’re using a virtual business phone system like Tresta, you can actually send texts through your business lines. And if you do that, it doesn’t hurt to have a few canned responses ready to go.

Canned responses are just saved messages that you can copy, paste, and customize if necessary for speedy response times. If someone texts and asks about your return policy, for example, you can shoot them a friendly snippet of information back that contains a link to start a return. 

Canned responses help create a more uniform branded voice when working with customers through text or live chat, which can be a big asset while simultaneously speeding up the process. 

Branding your business phone experience is just as important as branding an in-store experience. This is more true now than ever before, as more brands are expanding quickly on national or even international scales and they’re working with customers who will likely never see them face-to-face. 

Using careful branding in the phone experience can help solidify a relationship with a customer and increase brand recognition and loyalty, and all you need to do is get your team on the same page with a few quick changes.