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Benefits of a Vanity Phone Number for Your Business

When you’re setting up your business communication platforms, there’s a lot to keep up with. You need to worry about live chat on your site, social channels, and a strong email service. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for brands to just accept the first phone number their provider offers them while they’re getting their business lines set up.

Before you jump at a randomly-generated phone number for your business, however, there are distinct benefits that you can take advantage of when you’re using a vanity phone number. 

A vanity number is a phone number with carefully-chosen numbers that allow you to spell out a message. It gives you numbers like “1-800-FLOWERS” (which translates to 1-800-356-9377). In these cases, the brand name is even the same as the phone number, but you can just use the last seven digits to create a message that’s tied to your brand.

Most businesses don’t take full advantage of a vanity number, and while they’re not right for everyone, in this post we’re going to take a look at 5 undeniable benefits of a vanity phone number for your business that you’ll at least want to take into consideration. 

1. They Create a Heavily Branded Experience 

Branding matters a great deal in business. You want to stand out from the competition, even if you’re selling a nearly identical product or service, and branding plays a huge role in that. This includes your logo, the tone you use in your copy, and seemingly small details like your business phone number. Every part of your business contributes to your brand.

A vanity phone number for your business can create a more distinctly-branded experience that extends all the way to a customer phone call. It doesn’t get more branded than having a phone number like “1-800-NEW-SKIN” to really create a seamless, immersive customer experience. 

2. They Make Your Number Memorable 

Vanity numbers can make your phone number and your business both memorable. 

If you want to order flowers quickly or want to get in touch with customer service or even just have a question, it doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly easy to remember “1-800-MATTRESS” for a select brand. 

The easier and more convenient you can make the customer experience, the better. And the easier your number is to remember, the more you may have customers reaching out if and when they need you. 

3. They Show That You’re Established 

Even though vanity numbers function exactly the same as standard local numbers, they will give your brand the perception of seeming more credible and established. Most people associate vanity numbers with mega-sized businesses like Stanley Steamers and FedEx that have large-scale national advertising on television commercials.

If you want to show that your business is established, well-thought-out, and here to stay, choosing a vanity number can help solidify that. It’s hard to argue that someone with the vanity number of “1-800-MATTRESS” hasn’t gone all-in and doesn’t have a role in the industry. 

4. They Scale Well With Your Business 

A lot of small businesses don’t think that vanity numbers are right for them, because “we’re just starting out right now.” Not everyone wants a vanity number, but if you think that you might want one down the road, you should choose it now so you aren’t changing numbers later on.

Keep in mind that vanity business phone numbers scale well with your business. You might only have one office in Orlando right now, for example, but maybe in a few years you dream of having a second location in Dallas, and maybe even a third somewhere in Connecticut.

A huge benefit of vanity phone numbers is that they can include toll-free numbers, which scale well as your business grows. Someone who sees a “407” area code, for example, may automatically assume that you’re only based in Orlando and can’t service them in the Dallas, Connecticut, or even Tallahassee areas. 

If you plan to scale, consider a vanity number for this purpose. And even if you don’t, remember that vanity numbers can also include local instead of toll-free numbers, too. 

5. They Can Potentially Increase Calls, Leading to More Sales

Let’s say that you (the customer) just realized that you need to send out your business taxes and that they need to get to the IRS by tomorrow, no exceptions. You frantically start trying to figure out who is open, the location nearest to you, and how much it’ll cost.

If you know that FedEx’s phone number is “1-800-GoFedEx” then you don’t even have to get online to look anything up. You can just call them right away, and if they’re open and nearby, you don’t even worry about trying to call anyone else; you go straight there, and they get your sale. 

It may not seem like a common scenario, but if your phone number is memorable, it can actually increase phone calls and drive more sales your way. This does give you a distinct competitive edge over others in the industry, and even if it only drives sales your way every so often, it’s still worthwhile.

Some businesses may not want to go through the hassle of trying to come up with a clever, on-brand vanity phone number, but if you do, it can be well worth the effort. Even the benefit of having a more distinctive branded experience can be a huge advantage when you’re trying to build a name for your business that stands out from the rest.

Vanity phone numbers are easy to obtain, as long as they’re currently available, and you can even set them up through a virtual business system for maximum convenience and affordability. 

Ready to get your vanity number on a virtual business phone system that scales well alongside you? Learn more about how Tresta can help you with this here.