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6 Benefits of an eCommerce Phone Number

When setting up your online store, there are a number of foundational items to consider now versus later. One of those items is your business phone number. There are a lot of great reasons to get an eCommerce phone number for your online store. Having a phone number listed on your website:

  • Instills confidence in your site visitors, giving your business a professional look and feel
  • Communicates to your customers that you are ready to help if they have a question or an issue
  • Increases your chance of making high-dollar sales
  • Presents the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell customers

Whether you already have a phone number that your customers are familiar with or your store is brand new and you need a phone number – that eCommerce phone number is a direct line to your consumers. If a potential customer is browsing your site, ready to make a purchase, but has a question to help them make their final decision, or they need support in making the purchase, a phone conversation can easily become your point of conversion.

In this post, we’ll cover how a virtual phone system works and the top benefits your online store has to gain by setting up your eCommerce phone number on a virtual phone system.

Setting up Your eCommerce Phone Number on a Virtual Phone System

When it comes to eCommerce, clearly you need a phone number, but certainly don’t want to risk listing your personal number. Nor do you want to be saddled with the cost and inconvenience of setting up a physical business phone system. A virtual phone system is a perfect solution for hosting your eCommerce phone number, at low cost, and with no equipment required except the smartphone you’re already using.

A virtual phone system replaces traditional business landline phones to host your eCommerce phone number. It allows small businesses to get the same features you’d expect from traditional landlines – such as voicemail and smart routing – plus advanced features like auto attendants and call recording – at a fraction of the overhead cost.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number For Your Online Store

Virtual phone systems are changing the way businesses communicate – especially eCommerce businesses. Let’s take a look at how hosting your eCommerce phone number on a virtual phone system can help improve your online store operations.

1. Cut Your Costs

Research shows that businesses that switch to a virtual phone system save an average of 30% to 50%

Traditional phone systems require expensive hardware and maintenance, and some even bill you based on minutes used, resulting in unwelcome surprises when the bills arrive. With a virtual phone system like Tresta hosting your eCommerce phone number, you pay a much more affordable monthly rate per user and you get unlimited usage and storage. 

2. Gain Flexibility & Customization

A virtual phone system gives you the ability to be able to make and receive calls and texts from anywhere on your eCommerce phone number. Since you can download the app on your mobile phone, this means that you can take it wherever you go. 

Additionally, with features such as schedules and smart routing, your call follow configuration options are truly unlimited. Set schedules for your business hours and route calls differently based on the day of week or time of day. And, smart routing enables you to set multiple conditional levels of routing like adding an auto attendant upfront – or choose from smart rollover options so your callers can always reach the proper destination.

3. Scale with Ease

Virtual phone systems only require a few simple clicks to help adjust for a growing business. Simply add new users as your business grows. Every user receives their own phone number, extension, and voicemail box. There’s no longer a need to purchase new hardware and dedicated phone lines every time you make a new hire.

4. Add a Professional Appearance

One of the benefits of having an online store is that your store can be open 24 hours to serve customers. Use custom greetings to welcome every caller and direct them to the right place. And don’t worry, with dynamic caller ID, you’ll always know if an incoming call is a personal or business call.

Additionally, with most virtual phone systems, you get the choice of a local or toll-free number (or both!). You can opt to choose a local business phone number in any of the markets you serve, or select a toll-free number that gives your eCommerce website an enterprise feel. 

5. Improve the Customer Experience

Hosting your eCommerce phone number on a virtual phone system allows for flexible navigation options. You’re more likely to get callers to the right destination on the first try. No one likes to repeat their story over and over, especially if they’re calling because they are having an issue with an order.  

Plus, you have the option to route callers to a user group so that the first available team member can answer. This improves call answer times and the overall customer experience, leading to happy customers and more repeat purchases.

6. Gather Business Insights

Most virtual phone systems include analytics, providing you with real-time insight into your phone traffic. Track metrics such as inbound phone calls to gauge advertising performance or generate custom reports for a specific time period to help you make better business decisions.

Enabling call recording on your eCommerce phone number can help you better understand your customer phone calls. Call recording also comes in handy if you wish to train your future customer support team using the best-case scenarios or need to recall details from a specific call.

Hosting your eCommerce phone number on a virtual phone system like Tresta enables you to provide a better experience for your customers while gaining flexibility and scalability for your team – not to mention the cost savings when you “go virtual”. Interested in growing your online store with a virtual phone system? With Tresta, you can try it free for 30 days. Get started now