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4 Reasons You Need a Second Phone Number for Your Business

Over the last decade, new applications for businesses have almost doubled. As the barrier of business ownership becomes lower, things are taking a more unconventional route. You don’t even need a storefront or an office anymore; all you need is a website.

Just because you can skip some of the traditional steps, however, doesn’t mean that you should ignore them all. A great example is getting a second phone number for your business. While it may seem easier upfront to slap your personal phone number on your business license and website, this isn’t sustainable as you scale.

In this post, we’re going to discuss why a second phone number for your business is so essential, and how to get started finding one. 

1. It Grants You Work/Life Balance

You know that elusive work/life balance that you’re always hearing about these days? You’ll never be able to get it as a business owner if you’re using your personal line for business purposes.

Assuming that you’re not on call, you need to be able to shut off your business phone when work hours are over so you can destress, unwind, and spend time with friends, family, pets, or even just yourself. No work calls allowed.

With a virtual business phone system, you can forward calls to different destinations depending on the day of the week or time of day. That way you’re not answering the phone at 6PM thinking it’s an update you’ve been waiting for, only to hear from a client who wants something now. If it’s “after hours”, callers can be sent to an answering service or your voicemail so you can achieve the separation between personal and professional you’ve been looking for.

Ultimately a strong work/life balance will recharge you, and lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. And since being a business owner is an intensive job already, this is a big deal.

2. It Is More Professional

If you have a second phone number strictly for business purposes, it helps you appear more professional and credible. It also shows that you’re just plain taking things seriously instead of treating it like a hobby business.

If you were going to call our make-believe business NowtoThen Business Consulting only to hear “Heyo, Duke here,” it might make you think twice. There’s nothing wrong with this, but “You’ve reached NowtoThen Business Consulting, to speak with Duke, press 1” sounds a heck of a lot better.

The same goes for your voicemail, too. “This is Duke, I’m not here, drop me a line” works fine for your personal phone number, but you’ll want to customize a greeting that inspires a little more confidence that they’ll get a competent call back on a business number.

3. It Adds a Layer of Security

The unfortunate reality is that when your business is public and starts gaining traction, you as a business owner can become more visible. A business phone number provides an added layer of security to business owners as that happens.

One of our customers recently wrote a post about why she got a second phone number for her freelance business, sharing several stories of people continually calling when they weren’t supposed to. Some even harassed her with multiple phone calls and texts which started escalating over time.

The more layers of separation you can put between all internet users and yourself as a business owner, the better. Especially since there are some sites that allow users to look up a phone number and find an address or the name of the person it belongs to.

(Pro tip: If you’re operating online, you can’t use a P.O. box as your business address but you can rent a physical business mailbox at businesses like UPS so you don’t have to put your home address down on any official and public documents.)

4. It Allows for Easier Call Forwarding

Say you’re using a single phone number for both personal and business use. You decide to go on vacation, and you want to forward all business calls elsewhere so you can enjoy your time away. That’s not an option when you’re using a personal number for both; you’d have all of your calls forwarded or none of them.

Although call forwarding is a pretty standard phone feature, call forwarding with a virtual phone system comes with an infinite number of ways to make your life easier. To learn more, check out our post for everything you need to know about call forwarding.

Why You Should Consider a Virtual Second Phone Number for Your Business

The four benefits discussed above are clear reasons why owners should always have a second phone number for their business instead of relying strictly on personal lines. It’s convenient, it’s secure, it’s professional, and it gives you more freedom to live a life outside of your business.

And when you want convenience at its finest, we strongly recommend looking for a virtual business phone number instead of purchasing a second device outright. Virtual business phone numbers can be accessed via a mobile app on the smartphone you’re already using, where you can receive calls, texts, and voicemails.

Because no new devices are installed, it’s easy to have your second phone number with you whenever you need to access it, but you can “turn off” work hours whenever you choose to have the calls either go straight to voicemail or to another team member.

You’ll get to shut off for the day while your customers are still cared for, and you can answer your personal calls without fear that it’s a lead, a client, or someone determined to get something from your business.

And best of all, perhaps, is that second phone numbers for your business are incredibly affordable. Here at Tresta, a virtual phone number is just $15 per user per month, with all advanced features included. This includes advanced call routing, call forwarding, auto attendants, extensions, analytics, texting, and more.

Unlike conventional phone carriers, there are no contracts, no hidden fees, and absolutely no issues scaling up and down as needed.

Plenty of new business owners may be reluctant to get a second phone number just for their business line, even if they’re calling themselves a CEO of a one- or two-person startup.

It’s more than necessary, however, for all the reasons we discussed above. And even if you don’t care about any of the others, you should always care about how leads, customers, and even vendors perceive your brand. If you want to seem professional, credible, and established, you really need a second phone number for your business.

Since second phone numbers are so affordable (and are officially a business expense), they provide access to multiple benefits at an extremely small cost. It’s much more affordable than losing a potential client because they don’t think you sound established, or because they heard your toddler’s meltdown in the background.

Second phone numbers grant you the flexibility to work when and where you want, and not a second longer.

Looking for a second phone number for your business? Tresta has a 30-day free trial. Start your trial here.