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Tresta for Android

Install Tresta and turn your Android into a business phone.

Turn Your Android into
Your Business Phone

With the Tresta phone app, you can turn any Android into an extension of your virtual phone system and enjoy business-oriented calling, texting and call management features.


With Tresta’s unlimited calling, you can make and receive calls from anywhere on your business phone number without worrying about your bill – Tresta has no per minute or per call charges.

Android peacock business phone


Your Tresta number also includes unlimited texting. Send and receive unlimited text messages, photos and videos on your local or toll-free business number.

Business texting

Dynamic Caller ID

With Tresta’s dynamic caller ID, it’s easy to use your business number and personal number on the same phone, while keeping your personal and professional lives separate.

Incoming calls will show they’re ringing in on your business number, so you know which calls are personal and which are business.

Outgoing calls will show your business number as your caller id, so your personal number stays private.

Dynamic caller ID

Contact Syncing

Tresta automatically syncs with your phone’s contacts, and any users, departments and extensions that you configure are added to the directory, too. This way, anyone you want to call or text is just a click away.

Contact syncing on Android app

Voicemails & Call Recordings

Tresta’s visual voicemail and call recording inboxes make it easy to listen to new voicemails and recordings, with convenient options to reply with a call back or text message.

Voicemail and call recordings

Call History

See recently dialed, answered, and missed calls, and easily search for specific contacts and phone numbers in your history.

Call history on Android app

Call Details

Sometimes you need more info than a simple call history record can provide. Tap the call details icon on any history record to see how the call was routed, where participants were located and more.

Call details feature

It’s Easy –
Let’s Start Here

Tresta makes it easy to get a new phone number or transfer your current one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Android app.

Tresta’s mobile app is available in the Google Play Store.

Does the Tresta app use my cell phone minutes?

Yes. Tresta uses your cell phone carrier to forward calls through the app, so any calls you place or receive through the app will use minutes from your cell phone plan.

Do I have to use the mobile app to use Tresta?

Yes and no. The mobile app is required to place calls and to send and receive text messages. If you don’t care about these features, though, you can receive your calls via call forwarding and do not need to install the mobile app.

I have other questions. Who can help me?

If you have additional questions, we’d love to talk with you. Our product specialists are available 24/7 – visit our contact page for details on how to reach us by phone, chat, and email.

Loved by Customers

At Tresta, you’re our passion. We’re constantly striving to make our business phone system even better, because nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy.